For starters, you won't be stressed out trying to get your kids dressed and hair combed and all looking at the camera at the same time saying "Cheeessseeee", with big fake smiles on, while you are covered in sweat from having rushed to get to your session on time without staining your new blouse (which matches your husband's tie perfectly, by the way) and your kids with tear stained faces. 

And you won't look back at your photos saying "That was a stressful day! We're never doing that again!" 

But besides that... It's peace of mind and knowing.

  • It's knowing that you will look back at your photos with the fondest of memories from that day. You will look back knowing that it was a great time of laughter, connection and adventure.
  • It's knowing that you are investing in one of the greatest gifts you could give yourself, and your family. 
  • It's knowing that this is your story.
  • It's knowing that you are receiving something different from what any other photographer in Jena could give you. You are getting the chance to be who you truly are and to see that beauty the way that I do.
  • It's knowing that you have commissioned a photographer that creates those "feel it in your stomach", emotional, honest and heartfelt images that are full of movement, connection and light. 
  • It's knowing that your photos are going to serve as a reminder of what has shaped who you are, your story, your family, and your life.
  • It's knowing that you will have photographs of much more than just what you looked like. Your photographs will tell the story of what it felt like. 
  • It's knowing that you will be receive the best service from start to finish, and you will be happy to have your photos taken again in the future because it was actually so much fun!