It is in life's most ordinary moments that we find the most extraordinary beauty. 

Stories of Life Sessions are focused on capturing the simple things, the little quirks and phases of childhood & family that are your everyday but will soon be a distant memory. These sessions are about showing you the beauty that is your daily life, about documenting life's rhythms and unexpected moments, and capturing exactly how life is at this moment while having fun and being yourself. 

I am there as a witness and a friend, to capture real photos of your family without all of the stress... Letting kids be kids, whether they are helping mom get breakfast ready, running around making a mess of the house, or crying because their big brother took their favorite toy, I am there to document it all.

These images serve as an authentic and beautiful reminder of who you are, your family's story and that your children will never be as small as they are today.

Stories of Childhood

Stories of Childhood Sessions are for children only. These sessions last 1-2  hours and will be a snippet of your child's day, focusing on documenting their favorite activity, their personalities and the true spirit of childhood. 

Stories of Us {A Day In The Life}

Stories of Us Sessions are for the family and document your part of your day over 3-4 hours, or your entire day over the span of 6-8 hours. This session is really about your everyday happenings; Waking up with crazy bedhead, getting those last minute morning cuddles in, brushing teeth and the kids getting toothpaste all over, mom preparing breakfast while dad and the kids wrestle in the living room, grocery shopping and picking out your family's favorite ice cream, running around at the park, stopping for coffee on the way home... Whatever activities your family has for the day, I am there to catch all of the big moments and the little details in between so that I can tell your true story.