Photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them -Elliott Erwitt


Studio La Muse offers a variety of sessions of which fall into two categories; Storytelling Sessions and Connection Sessions. Both types of sessions focus on your relationships and unique stories with only a slight difference between the two types. Storytelling Sessions are purely documentary with things unfolding however they may; And Connection Sessions are based on an adventure we take together involving a walk with Ash where we will talk through a series of questions while blending the aesthetic of traditional portraiture with the authenticity of documentary photography. 


Storytelling Sessions

Storytelling Sessions are for documenting the raw beauty, emotions, chaos, adventures and relationships of your everyday life. These sessions capture the real honest moments, and tell your story exactly how it is at this time in your lives. Documenting these moments with photographs gives a visual voice to life’s journeys and milestone, and will give you a chance to look back upon this fleeting time over and over again.

Storytelling photography serves the purpose to confirm that yes, What is felt is real even if we can’t describe it.  And it is my vision to make those feelings, stories and connections come to life and to make them tangible for you to hold onto forever. It's these everyday little moments that make us who we are. 

Storytelling Sessions include: Stories of Motherhood, Stories of Life and Birth.






Connection Sessions

Connection Sessions give women as individuals or couples as a partnership, the opportunity to explore their strengths, to empower and to connect deep within. These sessions are about telling your unique story and providing you with a in-depth perspective to your emotions and your experiences and in turn creating honest, heartfelt images based upon who you are.  

These sessions offer an experience like no other. It is a journey through exploration, truth, reflection and feeling - The experience builds a stronger relationship (within yourself or your partnership) and involves spending time celebrating and honoring that relationship.

Our goal is to capture authentic images for you to look back on and to produce art that is a true reflection of you and your strengths.

Connection Sessions include: Adventurous Hearts : Women and Connected Hearts : Couples