I create photographs so I can be people's eyes, tell their stories, and to show them the extraordinary beauty which might otherwise seem ordinary or go unseen...

when words are too small, and emotions are too big, 

when delight fills our stomachs, and adventure fills our souls, 

those are the indescribable fragments of life which can only be told through photographs... 

I create photographs to give a visual voice to life's journeys.

What is felt is real even if we can't describe it. 

My vision is to make those feelings and connections come to life

and make them tangible through my photographs.

About Ash

Hi, I'm Ash!

Ashleigh Raddatz specializes in women and family documentary-style photography. She creates images which capture authentic stories and emotions through different stages of life: from a woman's strength within herself, to family stories of partnership, motherhood, and the beauty of everyday chaos and life in childhood. She is intrigued by human experiences and relationships that bind people together, enabling her to capture emotions, connections and sentiments and turn those moments into works of art. Ashleigh's photos are timeless and tell the truths and stories of your most important relationships so generations from now, the images will be cherished for the connections and memories they hold.


 Ashleigh is located in Jena, Germany and serves the Jena, SHK, Weimar, Erfurt area. She is also available travel throughout Germany and beyond. Her work has been featured in Huffinton Post, Kidspot Australia, To Save a Life and various other publications which can be found here.                    


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