We fly together, high and free; 
I follow you, you follow me. 
We touch the moon, we touch a star; 
and daylight's end is yet so far.
Like two birds in the open sky, 
unbreakable souls, you and I.

Connected Hearts : Couples

Connected Hearts Sessions are an exploration of emotions, memories and the connection that exists in your relationship. I will guide you through a fun and heartfelt experience where you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, laughter, and hopes with each other.

While being guided along through a series of questions and prompts, giving you the opportunity to further explore the unique connection you have with one another, and allowing for honest and emotive photographs, these sessions are truly unforgettable. I will document your adventure in a way that is heartfelt and authentic to who you are as a couple and when you look back at your photographs, you will remember the feelings you had in these very moments. These images will give you the chance to actually see what you are feeling, and will serve as a reminder that your love is real and strong.