Hi, I'm Ash!                          

I am a documentary/storytelling and connection photographer based in Jena, Germany and I am the owner of Studio La Muse. I specialize in documenting authentic imagery that moves the viewer on an emotional level. 

I am a California girl living in Germany with my husband and 2 ridiculously adorable little boys. Our days are spent exploring, laughing, and creating unforgettable moments. I strive to capture our everyday life through photos so that we are able to look back and remember these fleeting moments.

I like to think of myself as funny, but I definitely have a special kind of humor. My husband "gets it"and "gets me", and that laughter keeps us connected and in sync after all these years.

I am a lover of art, design, learning, teaching and of all things creative. I am a dreamer and memory keeper. An admirer of words, books, and music. And a collector of vintage and antique treasures.

Want to hang out? ;)

p.s. I speak both English and Deutsch 

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